M. Kavishkumar is ready to turn his dream of playing professional football into a reality.

The former MISC-MIFA youth player has secured a few trial sessions for a month in the J-League including at Gamba Osaka.

It will be the 20-year-old forward's second time trialling in Japan, having gone there a year ago to trial for Gamba Osaka U-23 after being spotted by a J-League scout during his participation at the Manchester United Soccer Schools World Skills Final 2014.

Despite currently playing at amateur level for Victoria Institution Football Club and having not much experience, he remained positive of his upcoming visit to Japan.

"This is for my future and it is my dream [of becoming a professional footballer] since I was little," he told Astro Arena.

"Playing overseas is a huge step-up, but I want to take the risk.

"Wherever we play, the ball is always round, but in Japan, their level is higher than ours."

His father, A. Manimaharan, who is working as a driver for the Kuala Lumpur City Hall, revealed that the family had to cover his expenses on their own, but it was not a problem.

"If he is really interested in football, then I will fork out the money," said Manimaharan.

"I do not care [how much it costs] as long as he shows results."