Harimau Malaya has the opportunity to improve its position in the current FIFA rankings after the match against Chinese Taipei tonight.

In the latest update, Harimau Malaya is ranked 135th in the world, climbing 3 spots after the encounter with the Kyrgyz Republic on June 6. This achievement saw the Kim Pan-gon-led squad accumulate a total of 1097.35 points in the FIFA rankings.

What’s even more interesting is that Harimau Malaya once again has the chance to improve its ranking position, as tonight’s match will determine whether they qualify for the Third Round of the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.

If Malaysia manages to secure a victory against Chinese Taipei, they will gain an additional +10.23 points, bringing their total to 1107.58 and placing them at the 133rd position globally, surpassing the Faroe Islands and Rwanda.

However, in the event of a draw or defeat, a deduction of -2.27 and -14.77 points will occur, pushing Malaysia further down the ranking list. It’s worth noting that if both Malaysia and Indonesia (vs. the Philippines) win simultaneously, Indonesia will be ranked 133rd globally, while Malaysia will settle at the 134th spot."

Good luck to Harimau Malaya in their upcoming match!