Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP) today announced a ground-breaking partnership agreement with LaLiga to work on various management and technical aspects of running the M-League.

A memorandum of understanding signing ceremony was held in Johor with FMLLP chairman Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim and Oscar Mayo Pardo, LaLiga's head of international development, signing on the dotted line in the presence of delegates from both sides.

The agreement, which will be in effect for three years, will see both parties work together to, among others, create a 50-year blueprint for the M-League, organise seminars and workshops, and arrange preseason matches between LaLiga teams to take place in Malaysia.

It also saw the M-League become the first league in Southeast Asia to partner the Spanish's top flight, and the second in Asia to do so after the J-League.

"I am very happy with this collaboration and we can work together in football development for the long term in all aspects," said the Crown Prince of Johor after the ceremony.

"We are still a very young organisation, so we need to learn from others with more experience, and I feel LaLiga is the most suitable for us to collaborate with, not only in terms of marketing but also the quality of football. "

Tunku Ismail also said the effort is meant to outlast his term as FAM president and FMLLP chairman.

"I will not hold on to my position forever and my clear intention is to develop Malaysian football, and whoever becomes the next FAM president or FMLLP chairman will be helped by a blueprint prepared by LaLiga for [the next] 50 years," he added.