Brighton and Hove Albion forward Glenn Murray does not understand the "rush" to get the Premier League season restarted amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Premier League has been on hold since March, though looks set to return next month after the British government confirmed sports could be played behind closed doors from the start of June.

Clubs have remained adamant throughout discussions that the season must be completed if possible.

While recognising the need to see out the campaign, Murray suggested the action should only get back under way when the results of eased lockdown restrictions are clear.

"[The league] does need to go on, but if we give ourselves a little bit more time, the country will be back up and running again, we'll have learned more about this virus, we won't necessarily have a vaccine, but we'll be better prepared to deal with it if anyone does get it," Murray told Sky Sports.

"I can't understand after loosening the lockdown why we're in such a rush to get it back when we could just wait a month and see if things go to plan.

"Why not see how the country copes with lessening the lockdown without starting unnecessary sports when people are dying all around us, and the death rate is still high."

Murray also pointed out that getting each member of a Premier League squad to agree on a return to training and, eventually, playing matches, will be difficult.

"It's almost impossible [to get everyone feeling the same]. Trying to get 25 lads all on board, that's not just 25 lads with the same mentality, we've got people from all over the world in different situations and it's difficult to lead a group and everyone to agree," he added.

"It's more about being worried about the people that we're going home to. Everyone's in different situations and has different people at home, with illnesses, pregnancies or children.

"You're only allowed into the training ground 15 minutes before training, and the queue for strappings and things in the physio room is about 30 minutes long.

"It's 15 minutes after too, with no recovery, physiotherapy is only essential so no masseuses or cryotherapy chambers, it's obviously a global brand and everyone wants to watch it because of its level and intensity.

"But I just can't understand how that's going to be done with taking all those things away, and trying to fit in a large amount of games into such a short period of time."