Rosenborg striker Nicklas Bendtner has apologised after allegedly assaulting a taxi driver in Denmark.

It was reported at the weekend that the former Arsenal man was involved in an altercation in Copenhagen early on Sunday, in which the driver is claimed to have sustained a broken jaw.

At a news conference alongside Rosenborg CEO Tove Moe Dyrhaug on Tuesday, Bendtner issued a statement to clarify the incident and told the club he was "sorry with all my heart".

"As you've been able to read in the press for the past couple of days, I was involved in an extremely unfortunate and uncomfortable incident around 2am on Sunday," he said. "I could not in my wildest fantasies imagine that it would develop as it did, and, of course, I'm extremely sad that the outcome became as unfortunate as it did.

"There are some people to whom I would like to express regret, because they have always treated me properly.

"To Rosenborg fans, I regret that this has happened. From the start, it has been a pleasure to play for Rosenborg's faithful crowd, and I have made it my honour to make them proud of myself and the team.

"To the club, I'm sorry with all my heart that we are standing here today. Rosenborg has been more than a good club to me. It felt like a new home and a new family, as I needed more than ever a change of air and a new start.

"The black and white kit is close to my heart, even when I'm not wearing it.

"To my dear team-mates, I regret this will steal focus during an important time. And I thank you for the understanding I've already faced. Those people I have shared the dressing room with every day for a year and a half know that I'm not and never have been a fighter, but I protect those I love, on and off the pitch.

"Rosenborg have many exciting matches in the autumn. I want to contribute to reaching our goals and for this to be another title-winning season for the club. I want to contribute everything I have. And I will.

"Of course, I will take even greater precautions than I thought necessary, so I don't get into something like that again.

"Due to the pending legal case, I can't comment further, but instead must refer to solicitor Anders Nemeth."

According to local reports, Bendtner and his girlfriend had been at the exclusive Lusso nightclub before the altercation took place.

Rosenborg signed the 30-year-old from Nottingham Forest in March 2017.