Andrezinho da Silva hopes that Kuantan's ongoing salary dispute can be resolved soon.

The 32-year-old Brazilian and his Kuantan team-mates have not received their salaries for the past three months from the club, which was taken over by FAM League side Marcerra United's management prior to the start of the current Malaysian football season.

It finally reached the boiling point last Sunday when the team did not turn up for a Malaysian Premier League match against PDRM, resulting in a forfeit 3-0 defeat.

Commenting on the issue, Andrezinho revealed the players were following head coach Ismail Zakaria's order after a slew of disappointments from the management.

"Coach Ismail has been supporting us and paying for the pitch for our training.

"When he realised that we were not getting the attention we deserve and need, he decided not to attend the game [against PDRM] and we followed his decision.

"Marcerra made so many promises and came to the dressing room four, five times, promising to pay our salaries.

"Everyone was expecting to get it, but it never came," he told Astro Arena.

Andrezinho urged the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and Malaysia Football League (MFL) to take action to help him and his team-mates, whom he believes are capable of mounting a Super League promotion challenge without off-pitch distractions.

"The boys are not famous players in this country at all, but they are hardworking and can play football.

"If you look at the match against Penang, they had regular training sessions while we only had four days of training without any support, but we did well and drew [0-0] with them," he added.

Meanwhile, FAM deputy president Yusoff Mahadi said the national body currently waiting for a final decision from the MFL on the punishment, if any, for Kuantan.

"Kuantan are under their jurisdiction, so it is up to them whether Kuantan remain or are kicked out of the league.

"We will try our best to help the players, especially if they need to look for other clubs, once a decision is finalised by the MFL," he said.